As I have hit my mid-thirties I’ve realized something. I’m pretty awesome. And I hope that you do realize that you are pretty freaking awesome too. We all have awesomeness; we just got to see it.

The most awesome thing to me personally is the ability to grow and learn. 

As someone who dreams of doing it all, I’ve had to learn the patience and focus required to even take a step in the right general direction of doing it all.

What is “all” to me? I’ll spare you the long list for now and share the part of “all” that I think you will find useful.


So I am actually a runner too. I also long to return to martial arts and maybe also pick up some tai chi. But for you, I am a yogini; I am a yoga teacher.

Certified and teaching since September 2019, I specialize in vinyasa flow with a passion both for beginners and for those who want to whip their physical and psychological bodies into shape.

I started Imago Dei Yoga with the hope to reach people wanting to better their overall health taking their well being to the next level. Imago Dei means Image of God and I have a lot I can say on that…but I should probably save it for my yoga “about” page.

Free Online Courses

Published Author

I have so many unfinished works. Before I can even complete one, I have a dire need to write a random scene for a story I haven’t even started yet. In the whirlwind of imagination, a few works have FINALLY taken root and blossomed into a completed pieces. 

The first one to be published is a daily journal. 

I badly needed something to help keep me on track, so I made myself pick ONE thing a day that was important to complete. Anything after the “One Thing” is a side quest. Check out the journal if you too could use some help with your focus.

Art and Photography

Once upon a time some of you came to this webpage because you were looking for a wedding or portrait photographer. I started my photography side hustle right out of college and highly value my experience and the people I met. I’ve since changed direction to something that matches my pursuit of freedom and aesthetic when it comes to art. I may still shoot a portrait from time to time, but that is no longer my limit.

You can check out some of my art photography on IG and even support my glamorously starving artist side by purchasing a piece on Redbubble

Some personal greatness I am very excited to be doing! 

I seem to have accidentally developed a passion for essential oils. My collection has gotten a bit out of hand as I slowly experimenting with different oils to see how they work for myself and my willing test subjects (aka friends, family…my boyfriend…sorry for all the mad scientist experimenting, dear!). I have a few strong recommendations for different things if ever you are curious…and I may start giving lessons on the stuff. Coming soon?? 

Where you ever one of those church kids (or church adults) who were told that we had all been given a gift and should serve the church with that gift but you had no freaking idea what that gift might be? Oh honey, big same!! 

While I still feel like I am honing in on my purpose with the church and just life in general, who I am and what I am made to offer is slowly clicking into place. 

If you’ve read this far and answered yes to the above question, I have a tip for you. Stay present with your church and before the presence of God. If you are sincere in your pursuite of God Himself, God will guide you and eventually your mind will be straight up blown by His goodness towards you. You can totally ask me questions on this!! I kinda geek out on all things Jesus and the attributes of God… so please ask!

Tiny little mail icon is how you can reach me for anything!