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Maternity: Evelyn and Brett

I am so very happy for my friends Evelyn and Brett!  They are expecting their first child any day now.  This is going to be one luck little baby boy having such sweet (and gorgeous) parents.

We started off the session inside for some lovely homey portraits.  The evening lighting coming in the windows really made it feel cozy.

2014-08-23_0001 2014-08-23_0002

This has got to be my favorite two pictures from the indoor session!  LOVE!!!2014-08-23_0005 2014-08-23_0006 2014-08-23_0007

On another day, we went to Erwin Park and thought whimsy thoughts.  I’ve been wanting to do a session like this for a long while, so I am very excited to have these!!!  Just too perfect.2014-08-23_0008

So much gorgeousness!!!
2014-08-23_0013 2014-08-23_0014 2014-08-23_0015 2014-08-23_0016 2014-08-23_0017 2014-08-23_0018 2014-08-23_0019 2014-08-23_0020 2014-08-23_0021 2014-08-23_0022 2014-08-23_0023 2014-08-23_0024I will be very excited when it comes time to post new born photos!!  Stay tuned in the next month for those.