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Event: Masquerade Ball Birthday Party

Men take notes: How do you make a woman feel good about turning another year older?  Maybe even make her happy about it while also showing her just how special she is?  You throw her a ball of course!!

That’s exactly what Faith’s husband, Luke, did.  And it wasn’t just any ball, it was a masquerade.  A surprise masquerade to be precise.  Oh, the awesomeness!  It’s been a while since I’ve seen, let alone photographed a truly formal event (the gorgeousness of weddings does not count), and never before with something as cool as masks!

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The fabulous birthday girl arrives!

What a fabulous time it was.  Happy birthday faith!  

Esther’s Birthday

Before I start, I must confess that this is a very late post…about four months late!  But to be fair, I was in the process of transitioning my website, so this funness got sadly shoved to the side.  Now that I am settled, I just had to share it!

Meet my deer cousin, Esther, and the fabulous barn dancing surprise party!


We were all very fortunate for these two who volunteered to be dancing instructors.  They were marvelous!


Then came out the hula hoops!  I have never been any good at these things…

2013-07-09_00012013-07-09_00082013-07-09_0003What a wonderful party it was.  So happy to be able to document it’s awesomeness.