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Bridal: Nozomi

The day was gorgeous while I waited outside at the Shops at Legacy for Nozomi to arrive for her bridal portraits.  When she arrived and stepped out of the car in front of the Marriott, I couldn’t helped but be dazzled!  Such a beautiful bride!

The Shops provided a fabulously chic settings which fit her perfectly.  We started inside the Marriott and then worked our way around the lake and Bishop Road, nothing but gorgeousness and sunshine the whole way.

2014-03-20_0001 2014-03-20_0002 2014-03-20_0003 2014-03-20_0004Oh just stop with the perfection!!  This girl is just naturally chic.

2014-03-20_0005 2014-03-20_0006Loved this shoot so much!  Special thanks to Nozomi and her family for the fantastic dinner they invited me to afterwords!  Totally would not mind at all if every shoot ended with calamari.

Fashion: Catherine and Some Fabulous Jewelry

I so love pretty things, so I was very excited to welcome my friend Catherine and the jewelry she sales into my home for a photo shoot.  She is a representative for a company called Stella Dot, and I think I’m in love with these pieces.  Many of these are new for spring, so if you are looking for something bright and fabulous, I know just who to set you up with.  Just check out this sample of gorgeousness!!

2014-02-11_0001 2014-02-11_0002 2014-02-11_0003 2014-02-11_0004

Catherine is a MASTER at putting pieces together, and I think this bracelet combo below is my favorite.  The color is just so fantastic and that arrow bracelet *sigh* just so perfect.

2014-02-11_0005 2014-02-11_0006If you like these pieces (and you know you do), you should check out her webpage here.

Fashion: Amanda

It is a rare and fabulous opportunity that I do studio photography.  I learned how to shoot in a studio first before moving to outdoor and I forgot how much I love it!

Meet Amanda! She is an aspiring model who definitely has what it takes.  Originally, we were going to do this shoot outside, but the weather was wet and really cold.  As it turned out, I think we couldn’t have been luckier!

2014-01-08_0002 2014-01-08_0003 2014-01-08_0004 2014-01-08_0005 2014-01-08_0006 2014-01-08_0007

This cute pooch was a little nervous to be included at first, but Amanda made him feel right at home.2014-01-08_0001 2014-01-08_0008