Wedding: Marie!!!!

If you have followed me for a while, you have heard me mention the amazing Marie!  She has been there from almost the beginning and is the one who designed my logo and fashioned this website.

A few years ago, this amazing lady met Francis.

She had a boyfriend already, and while Francis was interested in Marie, she was very firm that they were just friends.  Francis didn’t beg, begrudge, or budged, he just bidded his time being as best a friend as he could.

Then one day, the story took a twist.

Marie hadn’t forgotten the Francis liked her, and he had been patient.  Now the time had finally come that Marie could say yes to Francis’ interest.

With love kindled, they struck the most precious romance I think I have ever seen.


At the beginng of this year, Francis proposed to Marie.

She said yes!!

I am honored to take her bridal portraits!

2013-07-15_0001 2013-07-15_0002 2013-07-15_0003 2013-07-15_0004 2013-07-15_0005 2013-07-15_0006 2013-07-15_0007 2013-07-15_0008Here’s a few from the wedding too…I couldn’t help myself!  Too lovely!!

2013-07-15_0009 2013-07-15_0010