Brothers Franklin Family Part I

I can’t tell you what an honor it has been to be part of this growing family since day one! Look how big these boys have gotten. 

I have some of their shoots documented on my blog, and as I am tying this I realize that I should do a post with all the Franklin newborn shoots. *gasps to self in excitement* Yes, I think I will do just that!

For now, this is going to be a two part-er with maternity and then newborn shoot of the very latest Franklin brother. Enjoy the preciousness and be on the look out for part two later this week.


Engagment: Melanie and Joel

Engagment: Melanie and Joel

This precious couple had their engagement session about a month out from their wedding at the wedding venue itself. How romantic! The venue was a rustic outdoor sort of place that suited them so well. As we walked around, they spoke of the big day dreamily while telling me what decorations would be where and how they would enter, and it was just the most perfect sort of feeling to have for an engagement session.
2016-10-21_0014 2016-10-21_0015 2016-10-21_0016 2016-10-21_0017 2016-10-21_0018Cannot wait to post their wedding photos! Those will be up next.

Maternity: Kim and Travis

Maternity: Kim and Travis

Finally back to posting!!! I’ve had these sitting in my computer for months now, and I feel terrible denying the world the gorgeousness of this extremely photogenic little family.

These were taken back in August, so you can imagine the extreme heat of Texas and marvel at how they seem unfazed–might as well be cool spring day–which is quite a feat for this lovely woman who is nearly 9 month pregnant!!


2016-10-21_0007 2016-10-21_0008


I just can’t! They are too pretty in this lighting!


2016-10-21_0009 2016-10-21_0010 2016-10-21_0011


Sisters!! You can clearly see that the gorgeous gene is genetic. 
2016-10-21_0012 2016-10-21_0013

Wedding: Erika and Terry

Wedding: Erika and Terry

One could not have asked for a more lovely day to have a wedding as when Erica and Terry tied the knot at the Bingham House– a perfect backdrop to display the sweetness of this couple and their amazing and lovely girls. They are one of those couples that fit together so comfortably, so lovingly, that you could never imagine them ever having been apart. Not just in a peanut butter and jelly kind of way, but in a sun to sunshine kind of way. And seriously, their girls were the best! Gorgeous, kind, and absolutely hilarious! Can’t tell you how many times I was trying to hold my camera still while laughing. 

So happy I could be a part of their day to document all the gorgeousness!

2016-10-21_00012016-09-13_00032016-09-13_0005 2016-10-21_00022016-09-13_00072016-09-13_00042016-09-13_0001 2016-10-21_0003
2016-10-21_0005 2016-10-21_00062016-10-21_0004

Wedding: Sam and Angie

Wedding: Sam and Angie

A Disney Princess, that is what Angie wanted to be on her dreamy wedding day.  Let me spoil it now for you: she raised the bar for Princesses everywhere.  Everything from the tiara to the sparkles on the dress made her the most glamorous gem matched only by her enchanting persona.


The fabulous day started off with hair and make up for her and her bridesmaid and was followed immediately by a fun quick tribute to books and fairytales (and looking amazing) in a nearby books store.


Such a fabulous entourage


And then the fairytale really began


Family: The Franklins and a little more Christmas

Family: The Franklins and a little more Christmas

The sweet Franklin family invited me over to their house to get some fun family portraits.  It was around Christmas time, so I am very sorry to be getting these out on the blog so late!!  But, it’s too precious to hold off, so enjoy just a touch of Christmas in February.2015-01-20_0017

2014 was their year to have Sam’s little brother Milo and move into a cozy neighborhood with a big back yard.  It’s a perfect home for a family of four (and a little room to grow…*hint).

2015-01-20_0018 2015-01-20_0019 2015-01-20_0020

This family!  Oh those two CUTE little guys!  The baby brotherly love is killing me! 2015-01-20_0021 2015-01-20_0022

This might be my favorite part: PJ’s and Dr. Seuss.

2015-01-20_0023 2015-01-20_0024 2015-01-20_0025