NewBorn: Lucas

NewBorn: Lucas

Happy New Year!!  I’m only a few weeks late…with the way things have been that is an improvement!  I’ve promised on Facebook to give you an update on some changes happening in my life and career, but that shall have to wait its turn as I am months behind on photography posts!  I’ve got some beautiful stuff to come, and to celebrate the brand new year, here is an adorable new born shoot.


Lucas was born September 2014, and I got to meet him not too many days after.  I had done a maternity shoot with Evelyn not even a month before, so I was very excited to meet the little guy.  He was probably the most laid back baby model I have ever had the pleasure of photographing.

2015-01-20_0006 2015-01-20_0002 2015-01-20_0007

Mom and dad are so sweet doting on their precious bundle of joy.

2015-01-20_0005 2015-01-20_0004 2015-01-20_0003

Maternity: Evelyn and Brett

Maternity: Evelyn and Brett

I am so very happy for my friends Evelyn and Brett!  They are expecting their first child any day now.  This is going to be one luck little baby boy having such sweet (and gorgeous) parents.

We started off the session inside for some lovely homey portraits.  The evening lighting coming in the windows really made it feel cozy.

2014-08-23_0001 2014-08-23_0002

This has got to be my favorite two pictures from the indoor session!  LOVE!!!2014-08-23_0005 2014-08-23_0006 2014-08-23_0007

On another day, we went to Erwin Park and thought whimsy thoughts.  I’ve been wanting to do a session like this for a long while, so I am very excited to have these!!!  Just too perfect.2014-08-23_0008

So much gorgeousness!!!
2014-08-23_0013 2014-08-23_0014 2014-08-23_0015 2014-08-23_0016 2014-08-23_0017 2014-08-23_0018 2014-08-23_0019 2014-08-23_0020 2014-08-23_0021 2014-08-23_0022 2014-08-23_0023 2014-08-23_0024I will be very excited when it comes time to post new born photos!!  Stay tuned in the next month for those.

Bridal: Nozomi

Bridal: Nozomi

The day was gorgeous while I waited outside at the Shops at Legacy for Nozomi to arrive for her bridal portraits.  When she arrived and stepped out of the car in front of the Marriott, I couldn’t helped but be dazzled!  Such a beautiful bride!

The Shops provided a fabulously chic settings which fit her perfectly.  We started inside the Marriott and then worked our way around the lake and Bishop Road, nothing but gorgeousness and sunshine the whole way.

2014-03-20_0001 2014-03-20_0002 2014-03-20_0003 2014-03-20_0004Oh just stop with the perfection!!  This girl is just naturally chic.

2014-03-20_0005 2014-03-20_0006Loved this shoot so much!  Special thanks to Nozomi and her family for the fantastic dinner they invited me to afterwords!  Totally would not mind at all if every shoot ended with calamari.

Fashion: Catherine and Some Fabulous Jewelry

Fashion: Catherine and Some Fabulous Jewelry

I so love pretty things, so I was very excited to welcome my friend Catherine and the jewelry she sales into my home for a photo shoot.  She is a representative for a company called Stella Dot, and I think I’m in love with these pieces.  Many of these are new for spring, so if you are looking for something bright and fabulous, I know just who to set you up with.  Just check out this sample of gorgeousness!!

2014-02-11_0001 2014-02-11_0002 2014-02-11_0003 2014-02-11_0004

Catherine is a MASTER at putting pieces together, and I think this bracelet combo below is my favorite.  The color is just so fantastic and that arrow bracelet *sigh* just so perfect.

2014-02-11_0005 2014-02-11_0006If you like these pieces (and you know you do), you should check out her webpage here.

Fashion: Amanda

Fashion: Amanda

It is a rare and fabulous opportunity that I do studio photography.  I learned how to shoot in a studio first before moving to outdoor and I forgot how much I love it!

Meet Amanda! She is an aspiring model who definitely has what it takes.  Originally, we were going to do this shoot outside, but the weather was wet and really cold.  As it turned out, I think we couldn’t have been luckier!

2014-01-08_0002 2014-01-08_0003 2014-01-08_0004 2014-01-08_0005 2014-01-08_0006 2014-01-08_0007

This cute pooch was a little nervous to be included at first, but Amanda made him feel right at home.2014-01-08_0001 2014-01-08_0008

Presenting the Fancy New Disk Case Exclusively for Brides

Presenting the Fancy New Disk Case Exclusively for Brides


I scrolled through pages and pages of CD cases looking for that perfect case to encase the loveliness that is the brides wedding photos.  It took a while because I had some critiera I wanted to meet: could not be cheap or plastic and had to have an elegant crafty feel.

Ashley from PeachLinen had the perfect choice for me!  I love her simple elegant style, and the quick way she can modify a product for her costumers.

Allow me to present the brand new CD case to hold your wedding photos


Weddings: Carri and Caleb

Weddings: Carri and Caleb

I am in LOVE with this wedding!  Everything was done so beautifully; it was thrilling.  Carri has a real eye for style, and it shown brightly on her big day.  From the soft pinks of the florals, to fantastically fitted green bride’s maids dresses, and to the trendy diy wooden signs, everything flowed to perfection.

It was hard to believe the day had finally arrived!  I was honored to do their engagement photos just months before, and now the day had come.  Everyone was so ecstatic!  Even as the bride entered her bridal sweet, some of her relatives, the flower girls, and her brides maids were greeting her with excited well wishes and hugs.

The ceremony and reception took place at the gorgeous Ashton Gardens on a bright Saturday morning in July.


Those eyes, girl!!  So gorgeous!


Loved this get away!  So much joy!


I just had to, had to, include this photo of the dudes getting ready at the beginning of the day.  Too fabulous.


Wedding Sneak Peek!

Wedding Sneak Peek!


Finally half way through the week!  I hope everyone is having a fantastic one so far!  Mine has been productive…which means I am getting engulfed in editing and then suddenly crashing at about 9 PM like the old person I am.

Here’s a little glimpse at the loveliness I’m working on this week.  Can’t wait to post it the wedding photos!!


Event: Masquerade Ball Birthday Party

Event: Masquerade Ball Birthday Party

Men take notes: How do you make a woman feel good about turning another year older?  Maybe even make her happy about it while also showing her just how special she is?  You throw her a ball of course!!

That’s exactly what Faith’s husband, Luke, did.  And it wasn’t just any ball, it was a masquerade.  A surprise masquerade to be precise.  Oh, the awesomeness!  It’s been a while since I’ve seen, let alone photographed a truly formal event (the gorgeousness of weddings does not count), and never before with something as cool as masks!

2013-08-06_00022013-08-06_0001 2013-08-06_0006

The fabulous birthday girl arrives!

What a fabulous time it was.  Happy birthday faith!